Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well that didn't go very well did it???  I've been crafting and creating like mad and just never got to posting anything.  Here's hoping I'm back and can keep at it this time.  Here's a few pictures of the items I've been working on:






Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Blog :)

Well here it goes - starting fresh with new ideas, dreams and challenging myself to work on some wonderful projects.  This year I hope to use up lots of my stash working on altered projects, seeing if I can make Project Life a reality and just enjoy the whole creative process again.

For project life I've collected a few supplies, worked on my cover page and spent way too much time on Pinterest gathering ideas ;)  I plan to keep it organized and easy to work on.  Taking pictures will be the easy part, remembering to print them off might be a bit more of a stuggle.

I'm also working on altering some clocks.  A few base coats are painted, some stamping and a bit of embossing.

Stay tuned, I hope to post pictures soon of the projects...

Hugs, Sandra